""Largest VVA Chapter in Pennsylvania"""

Now "3rd" Largest VVA Chapter in the United States!

As of the December 17th, Meeting  *  VVA = 702 * VVA LIFE = 476



Regular Membership
Dues are $20.00 per year. Out of that $20.00, $9.00 goes to National, $2.00 goes to the State and the remaining $9.00 goes to our Chapter-----"Please Note" Once you are a member for a year-----You will receive a "Dues Notice" from the National-----DO NOT PAY THIS!!!!! Send your $20.00 to our Membership Chairman Gary B. Shaffer. Our Chapter will keep the $9.00 and send the $11.00 to the National. Don't Forget we need 2 copies of your DD 214 Form along with your completed application. Many Chapters do it this way and it works out very well. Checks may be made out to VVA Chapter 862.

Life Membership
Many people are becoming "Life Members". This includes an Optional Time Payment Plan. That means that you start by paying $50.00 down and $25.00 a month.

LIFE MEMBER - $225.00 (Age 50 - 55
                              $200.00 (Age 56 - 60)
                              $175.00 (Age 61 - 65)
                              $150.00 (Age 66 - 71)
                          $100.00 (Age 72 +)

"Its Great To Be A Life Member" - "No More Dues"
Send everything to:

VVA 862 - Membership Chairman
Gary B. Shaffer
709 Ohio Avenue
Midland, PA 15059-1415

Any Questions Contact Gary at:
Phone (724)643-8941
E-mail - bfairforce1963@gmail.com



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